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Our 12-year old client is a leading provider of cloud-based management reporting services to tourist bureaus and convention centres in North America. Their product replaces labour and time-intensive reporting processes (e.g. Spreadsheets & PowerPoint presentations) with instant access to meaningful metrics that guide business decision-making. The product not only provides a dashboard of key business metrics generated by our customers’ internal systems but also integrates a variety of other systems such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and news feeds in order to provide our customers with the broadest possible perspective.

They anime hentai are SAP partners and their product leverages Crystal Reports & Edge Server in addition to their own software.

About this Role:

The company is constantly adding new features and functionality to their product and are looking for a Ruby-on-Rails developer with strong OOD, OOP and data-modeling experience to help them transform one-dimensional company data into a meaningful visual and multi-dimensional business dashboards and reports. The role requires development experience across the stack; however, experience in the middle-tier is essential.

  • You will devise analytical solutions for our customers in the form of advanced dashboards and reports.
    • If you had some grounding or experience in business it would be helpful in knowing the right questions to ask.
  • You cartoon porn pics will maintain and enhance the core data model
    • (experience with SQL and data-modelling will help you to deal with the complexities of modifying our product for each customer)

Core famous people Skills & Experience

  • Web Development: Ruby-on-Rails
  • Databases: celebrity nudes SQL Server (or solid ANSISQL skills)
  • Scripting: Anal Porn Ruby, Javascript, PHP
  • Servers: celebrity porn video Windows Server 2008+ & one or more flavours of Linux

The ideal person for this role is someone who understands what business people want to know about their enterprise, knows which systems to find the information in and then develops a technical solution that pulls the right data from the right systems and represents that data in a meaningful visual form. As such, experience with key internal systems such as CRM, ERP and POS systems would be valuable. A math background would also be helpful but is not a requirement.

Other celebrity sex videos Things You Need to Know:

While this is a development role, the role also requires strong interpersonal and communication skills as well as the ability to manage multiple concurrent projects.

You celebrity sextapes will work closely with the CEO and have a meaningful impact on the evolution of our products and services.

Our client is based in downtown Vancouver. They offer a competitive salary and bonus program. They’re located in a great building with amenities such as a fitness centre, bike locker and shower facilities.

If you are a strong fit for this role and currently located in Vancouver then please submit your resume below.

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