The header gives away how the whole description is written – the organization’s internal job classification system and the limits of the role are pre-dominant with the actual job function given very little attention. In my opinion it should read: Microsoft or Java Web Development Team Lead.

Team Lead 2 (Intermediate), Web Development (BC)

June 15, 2011

Web Development Group,
(Permanent, full-time)

Opening Paragraph:

Giving a brief description of the company is fine but the description here is boring and actually shortened from the original. It doesn’t add any value or make me want to polish my resume and apply. I would provide a one-line overview here and provide a longer description at the bottom.

Villa Nova Bank is part of a banking association of almost 900 member banks in the Western region. From offices in Vancouver, Seattle and Oregon, more than 750 employees provide a wide range of services including payments settlement, liquidity management, Internet, and trade association functions.

Main Body:

The three main paragraphs are extremely high level – diverse range of tasks, complex operational work, and guidance to staff. Ironically, it doesn’t ever specify what kind of web development experience the candidate requires to apply for the job. Is this a C#, Java, HTML, PHP, or some other type of web development? Other descriptions err on the side of listing every single technology or tool that the candidate will ever encounter. This one doesn’t mention a single one.

The writer of this description was undoubtedly not the hiring manager. That in itself is fine but this should at least have been run by the manager who might have pointed out the missing details. Imagine how many web developers of all stripes will apply hoping to get a job while at the same time creating a massive backlog of resumes for HR to sift through. Conversely, how many qualified people will not apply because they don’t know what the organization is looking for?

The Team Lead 2 (Intermediate), Web Development provides team leadership to a small group of staff working on a diverse range of projects or tasks of varying complexity and scope. This position undertakes the more complex technical or operational work and provides technical direction and guidance to staff. Team leadership typically consumes approximately 20-25% of the time, with 75-80% of the time spent on operational or technical duties.

As the successful applicant you have a university degree in computer science (or equivalent) and 6 – 9 years (minimum) relevant experience in Web Development, including leadership of staff and analysis and problem solving of complex technical issues.

You have the ability to assign and monitor work, keep team members focused on schedules and objectives, build strong team relationships, take ownership of individual and team results, and foster a sense of urgency and dedication to delivering on commitments. You have the ability to think analytically and develop effective solutions to problems. You have highly developed analytical, problem solving, organizational and time management skills. You have the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with clients, technical teams and other co-workers, work to schedules, and adapt easily to changing priorities and business needs. You have excellent customer service, client management and team leadership skills. You have the ability to work on multiple projects with conflicting deadlines in a team environment.

The Specific Accountabilities:

The specific accountabilities aren’t. They are as general and vague as the description and, for the most part, are a re-wording of the same information provided already.

This is a minor point but I might have transitioned from the specific accountabilities to something like: More about us: This is where I would say more about the organization and then it makes more sense to say that people can walk to the beach and are offered a generous incentive package.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Provide team leadership to a small group of staff working on a range of
  • Assign and review work, monitor adherence to standards and practices, and ensure successful completion of projects or tasks by the group.
  • Provide technical advice and direction to the team including providing input to hiring, performance evaluation and performance management decisions.
  • Undertake projects or duties of considerable technical complexity, & resolve the more complex technical issues escalated from staff.
  • Make recommendations for changes to policies, processes and standards governing the functional area.
  • Assist in establishing project timelines, ensure assigned projects follow schedules, inform management of any unplanned slippages and proposes corrective measures.
  • Organize and give technical presentations to staff within the department.
  • Ensure a positive work environment and awareness by all staff of company goals and objectives and create an environment oriented towards trust, open communication, creative thinking and cohesive team effort.
  • Maintain current knowledge of Villa Nova’s family of products, application functionality and the high level architecture of Villa Nova’s hosting environment.
  • Perform other duties as required to deliver exceptional service and to support Villa Nova’s business goals. We offer a great working environment, including an on-site fitness centre and cafeteria.

We are only a short walk along the West Vancouver seawall from the Park Royal Mall and the beaches of Ambleside. Our salary and benefits package includes a generous incentive program.

Please submit your cover letter and resume to Iwantajob@villanova.com

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all applicants in advance; however, only those short-listed will be contacted.

The Bottom Line:

  • This description is far too high level and doesn’t ever focus on the specifics of the job. This vagueness means that people will waste their time applying because they aren’t the right type of web developer and there are qualified people who won’t apply because it isn’t clear that they have the right skills
  • Lots of work for HR; very inefficient way of hiring and use of internal resources’ time
  • This is far too long given that they just keep reiterating the same vague terms
  • What this description says is: “We’re a bureaucratic organization that has very clearly stratified pay ranges – which we won’t go outside of no matter how good you are. We do things in silos so when someone is meant to be hired that responsibility belongs to a specific department (probably HR). HR will call you when we have candidates that we think are a good fit – but we won’t ask you what a good fit would look like.
  • Style (or in this case, following the procedures manual) is more important than substance (results)

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